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According to a Japanese newspaper, deer often congregate to lick train tracks in the evening and late at night, which unfortunately leads to regular collisions. hunt the deer in time to avoid any accidents.

    Why Japanese Trains Have Sounds of Dog Barking Like Horns |  Trains of barking dogs in Japan |  Telugu | -TeluguStop.com

Officials from the Railway Technical Research Institute said there were 45% fewer deer on the tracks when the sounds were made, compared to when trains were running normally. to alert other deer of danger.

The researchers decided to combine the warning growl with the sound of an animal that deer fear – dogs. In testing, a three-second recording of a deer growl and 20 seconds of a barking dog were played from a moving train car at night. Deer were seen on trains only 7.5 times per 100 km, about 45 percent less than when the sounds were not played. the need to install anti-intrusion systems in many places.

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