This Honda RC213V-S is the most expensive Japanese motorcycle ever sold at auction


The Honda RC213V-S is a divine machine. It’s a MotoGP bike with lights and a number plate and is based on the “Open Class” RCV1000R (another sick Honda). Initially, 250 units were planned for production, but it is indicated that Honda closed the chapter with 213 units. Nevertheless, after its launch in 2016, the desirability has only increased over the years.

And the one seen here is in surprisingly rare condition. It’s so pristine that the factory packaging is still there. And this RC213V-S was recently sold by an online auction house, for a huge amount, making it the most expensive Japanese motorcycle ever sold at auction.

Each of the 213 Honda RC213V-S units had an MSRP of $184,000 in 2016. One just sold in 2022 for nearly $250,000!

This Honda RC213V-S in sports kit is still in a crate

View of the original Honda RC213-V hull

Still boxed in its factory crate, this particular Honda RC213V-S has a mile on the clock. Yes, he’s six years old and hasn’t moved an inch. It is said to be in “factory” condition and shows no wear, even on the tires. Now you can call it a well-preserved specimen or pure motorcycle waste.

Either way, it’s amazing to see such a well-sorted machine still in a crate. This specimen is made even more special as it comes equipped with the optional HRC Race Kit which adds mods just for the track. It consists of a stroke calculator, quick stroke change, data logger, full titanium exhaust system, stronger front brake pads and much more.

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Raised a whopping $250,000 at auction

Front third quarter view of Honda RC213-V crated

It might sound barbaric, but we don’t think this machine will ever see a trail. The new owner would most likely keep this unicorn with the HRC livery in his living room as an ornament. Well, you can’t blame him because he paid £182,500 (~$247,000) for this immaculate 1 in 213. It was a record sale for the online auction house – Collecting Cars, as it sold for $68,000 more than its pre-sale estimate.

The new owner would keep it as it is, as the value will only explode over time. The last time a Japanese motorcycle raised eyebrows at auction was when a 1968 Honda CB750 1-of-4 prototype sold for £164,282.05 (~$224,000).

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Honda RC213-V in action

This is a disguised MotoGP bike. This mental machine weighs only 374.7 pounds and produces 218 HP. The power-to-weight ratio is insane on this machine, and no other bike is as aggressive as this Honda when it comes to saving weight. Almost everything on this bike has been hollowed out.

The engine is a work of art sculpted from titanium, aluminum and is connected to a carbon fiber airbox. Its engine is the same dimension as the pre-2012 800cc Honda RC212V engine. This bike is so good that Marc Marquez used it in his post-injury training, as it is very close to the spec of his MotoGP machine. !


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