The world must learn from the bus strike in Japan



The world must learn from the bus strike in Japan

Japan has always made the headlines for unthinkable ethical news. This time, too, they made the headlines for a strike that they undertook in a different way. A bus strike! We can never interfere with or manipulate a labor strike, whether in any part of the world. But the Japanese bus drivers put a twist on this very usual bus strike between the drivers and the company. With the nationwide bus strike entering week four from the start with little to much inconvenience, the bus drivers made sure their complaint was heard. They have achieved it not only in Japan, but the whole world is now raising their voices using this type of strike.

Bus drivers from Ryobi Group in the Okayama district launched the protest as a management, and the drivers could not get an agreement on the safety of their work. This tension comes after a competing company began to compete with low fares, which sparked insecurity among the company’s drivers.

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How they conducted their protest is what the world has to learn. Contrary to the usual way, they did not stop their buses to cause public inconvenience. They continued to drive the buses but covered and turned off their ticket machines and allowed local commuters to travel for free. Thus not disrupting the daily life of people but causing a lot of losses to the company.

Usually, where it is the minority party that suffers a lot of losses, this time the Japanese bus drivers have made sure to reverse the cycle. It is always the poor who lose the battle and in this case the bus drivers and commuters. But with this strategy, the business will suffer a lot of losses and the drivers will lose their income, but the passengers will not be affected. With little difference in the points being easier on both sides, let’s hope this strike ends soon and brings a change to union struggles all over the world.

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