The best Japanese car Instagrams you need to follow in 2021


Technically, the term “JDM” means Japanese domestic market and refers to cars of, Japan, but it is also appropriate to designate any Japanese car.

The JDM the culture is young, humorous and totally reckless. It’s full of memes, shoddy videos, and edited slow-motion videos of the hip-hop song of the week. We idolize Smokey Nagata and Takumi Fujiwara, we respect people more if they have to back up in drive-thrus because they have right-hand drive, and we all don’t care about Mustang drivers.

Besides being mostly 25 to 30 years old, the cars we love are actually from a golden age. When all the big players in the Land of the Rising Sun agreed to a limit of 276 horsepower, they opened up the markets to cars that almost anyone could put their gloves on, and they were forced to endure many moves and modifications. The low cost of entry, retained value, and the avid ’90s street racing culture was a perfect storm that led to what it is now in America.

It’s no wonder there’s a growing culture around JDM cars, and these Instagrams really show it! We selected them not based on subscribers, but only based on content. After following them for a while, we can promise you that: 1) they post enough to be relevant but tasteful, 2) they have great photos and content, and 3) you’ll feel like a real part of the JDM club!


This page is mainly a collection of videos and memes about Japanese cars in general. Every five to ten posts there’s a cool build someone made or the clean interior piping of an engine bay. This is a great page to follow if you like Drift and Two-Step Supras.

The whole page doesn’t appear to be partisan of one JDM brand or another, but it sticks to real right-hand drive cars, wait 25 years to import. They keep display light, just once every other day on average.

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This page includes new versions of Japanese cars like, more recently, the unofficial return of the Acura Integra. Following this page is sort of a benchmark for breaking into the overall JDM scene. They go around the wheel with all kinds of JDM builds and styles, all crisp and professionally done.

They post once or twice a day and sometimes have a little video. While they don’t have any advertising or merchandise now, they threaten to add more in the future. Ads are a kind of deactivation on Instagram. We understood! They make turbo keychains! that’s why we chose the pages, they don’t have such incessant clumsiness.

This page loves their comparisons! This page is fascinating because it is not about strictly clean constructions, but rather about the madness and the power of a car. In fact, they have a lot of videos of pulling up the freeway in one car or another.

It makes sense that this is one of the most followed pages on the list! They have a lot of very entertaining videos and they post more frequently, three to five times a day. They haven’t dived into Reels yet, but they don’t leave much to be desired.

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This page is a combination of memes, JDM artwork, and personal creations from people. Unlike many pages, it actually gives facts and information about the cars after talking to the owners themselves.

They are relatively new and claim to be a racing crew, but no evidence of this has emerged. So far the jokes are hilarious and the builds are very interesting, so that’s what we’re here for! Plus, there isn’t a single paid ad or promotion in sight!


This page is one of our favorites because it’s just a ton of great videos! Nothing makes you feel more like part of the Japanese automotive world than watching a GT-R rip it up on a rally course or hearing a Supra turn around a hundred times!

They drop points for the occasional ad, but other than a tasteful casual t-shirt or hoodie, there’s nothing on your face or even what’s visible all over the page. They post two to four times a day, but honestly we kind of wish they were posting more!

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initial dreams

It is the hub of Initial D Fans. For the uninitiated; Initial D is an animated series about a tofu delivery boy who develops incredible driving skills and bursts into the street racing scene, becoming “Akina’s Ghost” in his old Trueno AE86. Even if you’re not a fan, JDM content is on fire!

Dotted with plenty of memes and videos, the page seems to focus on the cars from Initial D and their modern counterparts as much as the movie itself. There are drifts, jokes, and ’90s footage that really sets a retro vibe.

flow undergone

Everything about Subaru! This page focuses primarily on WRXs in their natural habitat; builds, crews and videos. There is a fair amount of variety and balance between the old and the new.

The picture quality is excellent, and the videos are plentiful. They are missing a few points for promotional products that… seem a bit homemade… but every Subaru fan should follow just for featured Subies pulled straight from the actual owners. The owners are even tagged in almost every post! Very professional.

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This page is strictly R32, R33 and R34 Nissan Skylines! It doesn’t feature any Nissan Zs or new GT-Rs, but it’s still our choice for a Nissan page because 1) the age of the GT-Rs makes them a true JDM, and 2) the content is awesome!

Except maybe too much Fast and furious references, open-hood and throttle-throttle videos really scratch your Godzilla itch. These guys only post once a day.


When an Instagram name ends with “hub” (despite the unpleasant reference), you know the page will deliver consistently interesting content. This page scored the most followers on the list, so you know it needs to do more than just profit from the popularity of the Supra.

Along with the usual Mk4 Supra, and not counting the “BMW” Mk5, this car also features older Supras with retractable headlights alongside its videos, memes and barn finds. They post on average once a day, so the 2JZ content isn’t overwhelming.


This one takes it for the Honda page because it also includes Acura. While too many pages focus only on Civics or just NSX, this one goes for both and adds the old with the new, the S2000 with the Drag Race Chords. There is no shortage of videos, but the main attraction tends to be inside engine compartments and at auto shows.

There is no shortage of new cars, concepts and unique features. Every photo here looks good, even on a full-size laptop, and the cars themselves aren’t cheap multicolored backyard builds, either.


You can’t love Mazda without also being a big fan of the “Dorito”; the Wankel rotary engine. While unreliable, the instant torque from the low weight and compatibility with turbos made these things beast on the JDM scene. That being said, this page really beats him to the max.

Of Han’s RX-7 To professional racing vehicles, the FD and FC here are well made, often with expensive body kits, and just awesome in general! The video-to-frame ratio is always 50-50 and posts arrive exactly twice a day.

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