‘Surprisingly high’ demand for cars in US and Japan hampered by shipping delays, car dealer says – Eye Witness News


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A Bahamian car dealership said yesterday that “surprisingly high demand”, especially for high-end vehicles, was being hampered by “extremely frustrating delays” in vehicle shipments from the United States and from Japan.

Ben Albury, the general manager of Bahamas Bus and Truck, said Eyewitness News: “I have a huge demand right now, especially for high end products. My biggest challenge is getting the product. Manufacturers in Japan and the US have all emailed us and told us to allow an extra two months for every order we place.

The US product usually takes four months from the time it is ordered until I receive it. Right now I am facing a six month waiting period.

My product from Japan, which normally takes six months from order to delivery, takes eight months.

With these delays, it is extremely frustrating as I meet a surprisingly high volume of people who want a product. “

Albury added, “For me it’s more frustrating than not having a request. Last month was actually a decent month. This month has fallen a lot.

“It’s not a lack of demand, but having what I need to sell. There are a lot of shipping problems.

“I hear people from other sectors saying the same thing. Some car makers tell me that they have a hard time securing the microprocessor they use to make certain components because a lot of people buy laptops and tablets to work from home.

Albury said he hopes next month he will “catch up” with some of the orders that have been delayed.

“I had two pre-sold vehicles [that] I was told I would arrive on April 19th. Now I’m told they won’t arrive until next month, ”Albury said.

“My used vehicles that I had from Japan were supposed to be here in March. I was subsequently given an April delivery date and now it’s the third week of May. It’s pretty hard.


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