Slammed Subaru BRZ takes the love of Japanese car culture to the extreme


How far will you go for your love of a specific car culture? For Aquilla, it goes to the extreme. armed with Irezumi on his arms, the resident of Honolulu, Hawaii has been quite fascinated by Japanese automotive culture. So much so that his slammed Subaru BRZ embodies not just one but three subcultures – and it sounds as controversial as that sounds.

Spending over a thousand aftermarket hours, Aquilla’s BRZ certainly isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine.

Sitting just an inch off the ground, this BRZ represents the shakotan subcultivation, that is, descending as low as possible to the ground. In combination with the fixed suspension, Aquilla said the ride was really bumpy. We are not surprised.

Another subculture addressed by Aquilla is Onikyan, meaning “demonic camber”. In fact, the Subaru has so much negative camber that it practically rolls over the sidewalls of the tires. The front wheels measure 18×12 inches while the rear is a bit wider at 18×13. The front camber is set at -50 while the rear is at a ridiculous -63. Because of this, the steering wheel on this slammed BRZ only turns up to 180 degrees, making U-turns impossible.

See those crazy exhausts in the back of Aquilla’s BRZ? These represent the Bosozoku subculture. It’s quite common among different types of cars in Japan, such as vans, sedans, and even Kai cars, but seeing it on a slammed coupe is pretty interesting.

Aquilla is quite aware of the public’s perception of his car, but he doesn’t really care. Some people love it, while others – understandably – are appalled by it. We tell everyone what they want and we praise them for going for what they want rather than listening to what others have to say.

And you? What do you think of this crazy car build? Crazy or just plain cool? Drop your thoughts below.


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