Seeing Machines Ltd wins first contract with Japanese automaker


Seeing Machines has won its first contract with a Japanese automaker for driver monitoring technology

The contract, worth an initial A$21 million, is expected to begin production in 2025 and brings the total number of vehicle manufacturer (OEM) contracts worldwide to nine.

Seeing Machines said it will provide the new, but unnamed customer with the onboard and accelerated Driver Monitoring Engine (FOVIO) software, configured for driver status detection across multiple models.

Talks are underway with other Japanese auto parts suppliers and automotive OEMs, he said, as the country prepares to address global NCAPs (New Vehicle Assessment Programs), applications regulatory and safe semi-automated vehicles.

Nick DiFiore, Senior Vice President of the Australian Group, said: “We are delighted to have our first Japanese OEM award and believe we will continue to be successful in this region as other programs are finalized to meet safety deadlines. shorter and regulatory requirements, globally.

“We have invested in a seasoned and knowledgeable sales and technical support team in Japan who are developing relationships with key stakeholders in the automotive industry, and this win is an important step for Seeing Machines to become the supplier of choice of DMS technology in the region.

“While we are unable to disclose our customers’ integration strategy, we continue to prove that Seeing Machines is uniquely positioned to meet the growing need for flexible and often difficult camera packaging locations and sightlines needed to alleviate OEM camera packaging burdens and system cost across a range of vehicle models.”

In total, the initial cumulative lifetime value of all Seeing Machines production automotive contracts is now over A$345 million.


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