Samsung tests 5G connection in Japanese trains



In order to show off its progress in 5G technology, Samsung conducted a 5G demonstration aboard a moving train in partnership with Japanese telecom KDDI.

The Korean electronics maker used a 5G router, 5G radio access unit, virtualized RAN (vRAN) and virtualized kernel to build its pre-commercial 5G solution which was used to complete the test which reached speeds of 1.7Gbps peak with 8K video download and 4K video download.

The high-speed train used in the tests traveled more than 100 km / h between two stations in Saitama, Japan. The upload and download capabilities of the 5G network were tested, 8K video uploaded through an on-board router, and 4K video shot by a camera on top of the train was uploaded during the journey.

Samsung sees great potential in equipping trains with 5G that could be used to help improve passenger information and entertainment services and could also serve as a backhaul for onboard Wi-Fi.

KDDI Senior Director of Execution Yoshiaki Uchida offered further insight into the test between Telecom and Samsung, saying:

“Together with Samsung, KDDI has paved the way for new vertical 5G business models, such as a bullet train. With 5G supposed to take rail services to a whole new dimension, the success of today’s demonstration in everyday venues such as a train and station is a milestone indicating that the commercialization of 5G is close.”

KDDI has been working with Samsung on 5G solutions since 2015 and Telecom plans to continue their partnership as it prepares to launch its 5G network by 2020.

Image Credit: Tikisada / Pixabay



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