Ranking of prescription app providers quiet


“Living Better Through Chemistry” is DuPont’s old advertising slogan that speaks volumes about the wonders of modern life and what can be accomplished with the right form.

With that in mind, the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps is a compendium of digital access to life-changing medications at huge savings, and it’s also about living better.

The Top 5

Still the defending champ at #1, it’s GoodRx scoring a perfect 100.

The SingleCare app remains at #2.

Not content with its latest cycle, the CVS Caremark app moved up two places to take third place.

RxSaver drops a position in the chart at #4.

As the scores cascade, Publix Pharmacy also drops a spot to #5 but remains in the Top 5, and that’s really the point.

Top 10

Moving on, there is no movement among the next applications.

Express Scripts is solid at No. 6 for another cycle, as is the OptumRx app at No. 7.

Wait, there are more “no changes” to cover.

The RxLocal app still occupies its #8 cubby.

At #9 we have Kroger Rx Savings Club, which is holding its own.

What is this? A newcomer to the ranking of prescription app providers? Yes.

New to #10, we welcome the ScriptSave app. It’s a long way to the top, but we’ve seen plenty of apps make the climb successfully. We will see.



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