Kyosho announces the most Japanese car of all time



We all know that Japan is responsible for many of RC’s most iconic makes and models, but few scream “I’m from Japan!” as strong as Kyosho’s EZ-B Miku Racing Sandmaster. With “the world’s most famous electronic diva” at the wheel, Kyosho’s latest Ready Set clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously. The custom mount is inspired by the Good Smile Racing livery and includes a Hatsune Miku figure. Good Smile is a Japanese manufacturer of hobbies, including chibi-style Nendoroid figures that include their version of Miku, the star of the Japanese video game “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA”. It is “her” who sings in the video below. She’s a “vocaloid”, not a real person, however. she has been on Letterman.

TL / DR: This is the most Japanese RC car ever.

Kyosho Master of the Sands Nendroid Miku 3

Kyosho Master of the Sands Nendroid Miku 2

Kyosho Master of the Sands Nendroid

By Kyosho

A new Sandmaster buggy equipped with Nendroid Miku and real driving ability!

SUPER GT GT300 competitor Good Smile Racing and Kyosho collaborate for a super Kawaii Sandmaster. Front, roof, side panels, with a dedicated design by Good Smile Racing. The white frame, pink shock absorber, colored wheel rings and green springs turn the rugged Sandmaster into a cute image. The Miku racing race 2014ver. with floating tails, why not experience it together?


  • Personalized Miku radio wrap!
  • Body panels designed by Good Smile Racing!
  • The speedometer reads 390 km / h !?
  • Frame specially designed to increase the section of the cockpit for Miku.
  • Good Smile Racing Logo tires and matching pink wheel rings!
  • Special edition only colored shock absorbers and springs!
  • Dedicated Nendroid Plus Racing Miku 2014ver. As a standard.
  • The frame is a dedicated design which greatly enlarged the cockpit part for minifigures, can also be replaced with a safety bar ceiling panel.
  • Comes with a personalized Miku radio envelope.
  • The shocks are also a dedicated pink color and custom green springs.
  • “Ready Set” does not require assembly, only AA batteries for the radio are required.
  • Maintenance is possible with just one screwdriver.

Note: The figure does not move, only the upper body is included. The lower body is not included. The picture may be slightly different from the actual product.

Contents of the ReadySet:

  • Chassis completed (servo, receiver, ESC, motor.)
  • 2.4 GHz KT-200 transmitter
  • 7.2V-1800mAh nickel-metal hydride battery
  • Mains charger (multiple socket)
  • Tool (Phillips wrench / sheet)

Required for operation:

  • 4 AA batteries for the transmitter

Technical data of the chassis:

Length: 409 mm
Width: 225mm
Height: 162 mm
Wheelbase: 270 mm
Track width (F / R): 190 mm
Tire (F / R): f100mm × 36mm
Gear ratio: 8.76: 1
Weight: about 1,500 g
Motor: 540 type 22 turns
Radio: Syncro KT-200

30830T1B – $ 419.99

Eaglemoss Jeep Willys 600x120



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