Japanese Trains Get Gorgeous Mario 3D Animation



A Nintendo fan spots a Super Mario animation on the side of trains in Japan, which shows the plumber pushing Bowser to save the day.

Super Mario

The Super Mario franchise has had an impact far beyond the gaming world. The Plumber can be found almost anywhere, as the Nintendo mascot is everywhere in clothes, in movies and a copy of the original. Super Mario Bros. broke records for the best-selling collector’s item. Now someone spotted a Super Mario animation in a train in Japan.

Nintendo has advertised in a fun and unique way in the past, and Super Mario is at the forefront of this. A recent video posted to r / Mario by Reddit user u / Poocchann shows a trivia video that can apparently be found on trains in Japan, just one example of Nintendo’s creativity.

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The challenge asks Mario fans to help the hero save his brother Luigi. Choosing the correct answer means Bowser leaves disappointed and Luigi and Mario are reunited again. Interestingly, the Mario the animation also appears to be part of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. Nintendo stopped celebrating the occasion on March 31, which fans online say is the day Mario died, but Nintendo still has birthday-themed celebrations.

In the case of this anecdote, Luigi is in danger. Nintendo just announced a Luigi LEGO set, so making sure Mario’s brother has escaped Bowser’s grip is paramount. Whether in world-popular games, on clothing, in LEGO toys or on trains in Japan, Super Mario seems to be all over the world.

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