Japanese car brand INFINITI showcases the brand’s connection to the city of Kyoto in a series of videos


INFINITI, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan, has launched a series to tell its marketing strategy, offering artisans the opportunity to tell the essence of traditional craftsmanship with new practices and techniques.

The series “The Makers” was created and developed with an initial test pilot video, which focused on the connection between people and products by studying the relationship between Kyoto’s traditional artisan community and their art – a new marketing territory linking INFINITI to its roots in Japanese craftsmanship. The brand said Kyoto is a special place for its global design team, adding:

More than its timeless nature, structures and landmarks, it is the people of Kyoto who work hard to maintain Japan‘s unique approach to art. Their innovative approaches provide their own concept of modern Japanese luxury and serve as a benchmark for INFINITI’s designers.

“The Makers” started out as a test filmed in Kyoto before moving to a full season of six episodes. The first season of the series, consisting of six three-minute videos, has so far reached more than two million users worldwide on social and digital media, and has also been adapted and localized by all key markets. from INFINITI, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Middle East, China and Taiwan.

The series has online and offline touchpoints, including social media and a dedicated experiential booth at the 2022 New York Auto Show. Additionally, e-commerce extensions with “The Makers” products will be soon available for purchase via Instagram shopping.

Taisuke Nakamura, Senior Design Director of INFINITI, said, “I hope that products made with such care and attention to detail will be shared with the world, we can go beyond any religion or ideology. It’s not just about connecting people and countries, it’s about connecting people through our business. We have that kind of potential.

INFINITI also released a video featuring Nakamura’s discussion with six Kyoto-based artisans to explore their mutual appreciation of nature, innovation and to hear their thoughts on modern Japanese luxury, serving as a continuation of the series. Artists specialize in various types of art, including tea canisters and traditional Japanese paper washi. By showcasing the stories behind these artists, INFINITI tells the audience that the finished products, the manufacturing and aging process, and the tools are beautiful.

The brand added, “They all lead to a higher calling for Kyoto and its craftsmen and echo the vehicles of INFINITI whose design team often takes inspiration from the city of Kyoto.”

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