Japanese auto parts maker reportedly saw Apple Car schematics 2 years ago


The Apple Car Project has been around for years and while we still haven’t seen what Apple has been working hard on, it seems at least someone at. That someone was working for Japanese auto parts maker Senden when an Apple employee showed up to a meeting, diagrams in hand. The meeting took place two years ago.

According to a report from Nikkei Asia, the man arrived at a meeting at the Senden, Texas offices with a file that contained not only diagrams of the car itself, but also its air conditioning system. It was the latter who was most interested in Senden – the company is one of Japan‘s largest suppliers of automotive air conditioning systems.

Apple reportedly wanted Senden’s help to put the Apple Car into production, but it all went wrong when COVID-19 hit and the Japanese company found itself in more pain than most.

Apple and Sanden then discussed the specific parts requirements. But Sanden’s cash flow worsened as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded. The company began out-of-court talks with creditors over a debt resolution in June 2020, and its prospects of joining the Apple Car project have dimmed.

It’s unclear what state the Project Apple Car is in as we head into 2022. We’ve heard of a prototype ready in 2024, but at this point not many people outside of Apple know what. happens. Whether we’ll ever see a car with an Apple logo on the front remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that’s exactly what Apple had in mind in 2020.


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