Honda RC213V-S Becomes Most Valuable Japanese Motorcycle Ever Auctioned



MotoGP racing bikes are undoubtedly one of the most expensive and exclusive machines on two wheels. And probably the motorcycles that match their prices are the ultra-rare road versions that fetch colossal value at auction. In similar updates, the Honda RC213V-S, which is a road replica of Honda’s MotoGP motorcycle, managed to fetch 27,100,000 JPY, or the equivalent of $ 237,700 at an auction. in Japan on October 31.

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The motorcycle was jointly auctioned off by the Japanese subsidiaries of Bingo and Yahoo! Auctions. At this value, the Honda RC213V-S set a new record as the most valuable Japanese motorcycle ever to be auctioned.

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For the record, the RC213V-S even surpassed the previous record holder, a 1968 Honda CB750 prototype that was valued at the equivalent of $ 221,600 nearly three years ago.

What makes the Honda RC213V-S special for its rather affluent clientele is not only that it is an exact replica of Honda’s MotoGP motorcycle (except for the set of mounted accessories such as the headlight indicators, etc. to make it road legal) but also the fact that only 213 units of this bike have been produced to date. Which makes it pretty hard to own in the first place. So the reason, the value of the bicycle is appreciating at a dazzling rate.

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To add to the motorcycle exclusivity, the Honda RC213V-S is so close to a real MotoGP that one of the units was also used by Marc Marquez himself during training for post-injury races. because it is very close to a real MotoGP racing bike. .



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