Do you want to buy American? So you should actually buy a Japanese car


If you want to support American workers, you should buy a Honda or a Toyota, according to a new study that examines where your money is going.

Do you want to buy American?  So you should actually buy a Japanese car

If you want to buy an American car, you should actually buy a Japanese one, according to a new study.

In today’s politically charged environment amid increasing globalization and outsourcing, more Americans than ever are looking to buy American. Traditionally, that meant buying a car from one of America’s Big Three automakers, but that may not be the best way to support local businesses anymore.

A new report from Bloomberg uses data from a to analyze which vehicles of the automaker are the most American based not only on where the vehicle was manufactured, but also on the origin of the parts and where those cars are sold (because many GM vehicles and Ford can be made in America but are sold overseas).

Surprisingly, 9 of the 15 most purchased vehicles in the United States are actually made by Japanese automakers Honda and Toyota. Two-thirds of Honda vehicles are built in the United States with parts made in the United States, which is more than GM and Fiat Chrysler, while more than half of Toyota cars sold in the United States are also American-made. .

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Of the top 10 vehicles made in the US, 6 of them are Hondas, including the Odyssey, Ridgeline, Passport and Pilot, as well as the Acura RDX and MDX. All of these vehicles are manufactured at Honda plants in East Liberty, Ohio and Lincoln, Alabama.

Honda Odyssey 2019
via Honda

However, the most American vehicle you can buy is the Jeep Cherokee built in Belvidere, Illinois. According to Cars.comAnalysis of, the Cherokee uses the most American parts and labor of any vehicle sold in the United States.

The Ford F-150, perhaps the most typical American vehicle the world has ever seen, is actually 13th on the list. While the F-150 is assembled in Dearborn, Michigan and Kansas City, Missouri, many of its parts originate from Mexico and other countries.

In fifth place is the Chevrolet Corvette, built in Bowling Green, Kentucky. That same facility will be used to produce the next mid-engined Corvette, although it remains to be seen how many parts for the C8 will come from the United States.

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