8 types of chikan perverts found on Japanese trains



From the strange to the very strange and disturbing.

The subject of men groping women has been in the news again in Japan recently, after two Japanese schoolgirls were filmed chasing a man who groped one of them.

These groping is known as “chikan”, but it’s a Japanese word that isn’t just reserved for groping on trains. It is also used to refer to men who act in suspicious and perverse ways towards others, and their wide variety of weird and disturbing behaviors can be directed not only at women, but also at men, children and the elderly.

Here, to give us a lesson on some of the different types of chikan that circulate on Japanese trains, the Twitter user and illustrator . This drawing by the artist shows eight different types of chikan that she and her friends and followers had the displeasure to deal with while riding on the rails.

The top row shows chikan who:

  • Continuously pat your lock of hair
  • Come sit close to you despite the empty train
  • Squeeze their lower regions into you
  • Put their chin on your shoulder
  • Put their foot between your feet, with a strange hole in the shoe that seems to contain a camera for filming under the skirt

On the bottom row there are chikan who:

  • Pour liquid or fluid on you
  • Put their hand on yours when you hold the wrist strap
  • Come eat your hair

And as a further addition, off the rails, there was one time someone ran into a naked man standing right there in a horse mask.

The artist hopes flip the hidden camera on pervs shining the spotlight on some of the things they are known to do. And judging by the responses to the tweet, there are unfortunately many more types of chikan, with @ ikng_0 listing some of the other horrible encounters people mentioned after sharing the tweet.

  • He put a used condom in my bag
  • He used one of my headphones while I was using them
  • He put his tongue in my ear
  • He took the hooks off my bra
  • He licked my cheek / neck
  • He grabbed my hands / fingers / upper arm
  • He touched my chest with his elbows
  • He put his crotch close to my face
  • He undid the button of my shirt
  • He cut my skirt
  • He touched my chest and butt when I got off the train
  • He showed me obscene pictures and videos

These experiences, all terribly traumatic and disturbing, show what some women in Japan have to endure when traveling on the country’s trains. Fortunately however, there are people who are ready to step in and help, with a number of responses revealing that there have been instances where women and men shouted “chikan!” To these perverts, making them stop, and even clapping men’s hands away from women’s bodies.

So if you are traveling on a train in Japan and witness one of these types of perverts, don’t be afraid to open your mouth and shout “chikan! Especially if it’s a man who pretends not to see so he can caress women’s breasts.

Picture: Twitter / @ ikng_0
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