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Riverside sells premium Japanese bicycle retailer Y International

The Riverside Company. announced the sale of Y International, a Japanese premium bicycle retail chain, to Tokyo-based private equity firm Daiwa PI Partners.

Terms of the contract are not disclosed.

Riverside in 2013 acquired the business, which serves as an e-commerce and big-box retailer of bikes, frames, components, maintenance and assembly services, accessories and clothing for high-end cycling enthusiasts.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished with the Y International team, transforming the organization from a traditional, century-old family business to a fully professional management organization backed by some of the best selling business leaders. Japan retail from various sectors. Riverside Partner Stuart Baxter said in a statement. complete back office and installed a new management information system. “

The company also expanded the geographies of store locations to several key new markets across Japan.

Riverside is a global private equity firm headquartered in Cleveland and New York that invests in growing companies valued at up to $ 400 million in the smaller segment of the mid-market.

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Why Japanese Trains Have Dog Barks Like Horns -TeluguStop

According to a Japanese newspaper, deer often congregate to lick train tracks in the evening and late at night, which unfortunately leads to regular collisions. hunt the deer in time to avoid any accidents.

    Why Japanese Trains Have Sounds of Dog Barking Like Horns |  Trains of barking dogs in Japan |  Telugu |

Officials from the Railway Technical Research Institute said there were 45% fewer deer on the tracks when the sounds were made, compared to when trains were running normally. to alert other deer of danger.

The researchers decided to combine the warning growl with the sound of an animal that deer fear – dogs. In testing, a three-second recording of a deer growl and 20 seconds of a barking dog were played from a moving train car at night. Deer were seen on trains only 7.5 times per 100 km, about 45 percent less than when the sounds were not played. the need to install anti-intrusion systems in many places.

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Treats serious illnesses .. a treasure inside pomegranate peels that is more expensive than gold. It has many health benefits that you won’t throw away

October 6, 2021

A treasure inside a pomegranate peel is more valuable than gold. The benefits of pomegranate peels are among the questions many people wonder about, as there is a lot of health information published in many scientific and international journals regarding the great benefits of pomegranate including its peel, because pomegranate contains nutrients of great importance and this is what we will discuss in detail as Crusts also contain much of this importance, and this is what will be presented for further clarification and detail.

Treasure inside pomegranate peels more expensive than gold

Benefits of Pomegranate Peel The nutrients the body needs to get, and the benefits the body doesn’t get, it will lose a lot.

Through the following we explain this importance, the main of which is that the skin contains a significant amount of iron, as it is the first element of health, and is considered a treatment for anemia and diseases of anemia, and the skin contains a large proportion of materials necessary for the reconstruction of many types of tissues.It is also possible to use the peel and prepare a natural and healthy drink from it.

How to make a pomegranate peel drink

The pomegranate peels, we can make an excellent extract that can be eaten hot, and this natural extract of boiled water with the pomegranate peel provides energy to the body as it can be sweetened with white honey, and this This is what gives it a lot of properties that work to boost immunity and these are the most important benefits.

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Walking: How many steps are enough for you to prevent the risk of premature death?

October 8, 2021

3 hours ago

published photo, boonchai wedmakawand

There is much you can do to preserve your health and your life; Sometimes you exercise hard and regularly, and sometimes you follow a strict diet, but the way to avoid many diseases and reduce the risk of premature death, according to a recent American study, may lie in daily walk.

Walking is perhaps the only sport that does not cause side effects, and according to many studies, it does not often cause damage to the musculoskeletal system or strain on the joints, as jogging can. for example.

Therefore, the great benefits of walking remain a motivation, over the years, to continue research and study to further explore its benefits.

US researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst recently concluded that walking 7,000 steps per day at an average age can reduce the risk of premature death by up to 70%.

This percentage may seem relatively large, but Dr William Baird, British general practitioner, believes that “this percentage is not exaggerated as some believe, when one knows the great benefits of walking and the many diseases which contribute to it. avoid, there will be there is no room for the question.

Dr Beard explains the great benefits of walking by saying that “brisk walking leads to the production of more natural killer cells, which are an important part of our immune system as the first line of defense against foreign bodies and blood cells. viruses that enter our body. through the mouth or nose.

The benefits of walking are not limited to the immune system, as it helps promote mental and physical health; It prevents heart disease and type 2 diabetes, stimulates blood circulation, improves sleep, and relieves stress and psychological stress. But are these advantages achieved in all types of walking?

According to Dr Bird, walking of all kinds is beneficial for overall health, and it’s always better than not, but walking speed plays an important role in preventing premature death and chronic disease, according to Dr. study.

To see if your stride is fast enough to get these benefits, Dr. Bird says, “Try singing while you walk. If you can, you are not walking fast enough. During the brisk walk, you may be able to speak but not sing.

Certainly, walking is beneficial for all age groups, but various studies have focused on its importance in the lives of middle-aged people, in particular; Because diseases related to blood pressure, diabetes, etc. often start to appear at this age.

Thanks to technological advances, you can walk and let the various apps on your smartphone record your trip data, the number of calories you burn and measure your heart rate to your stress level.

forced walk

In recent decades, walking has become a culture in developed countries, where places to exercise are available, but walking can be a form of luxury in other areas. Due to the lack of suitable places and streets, and the lack of transport, in some Arab countries like Syria, Lebanon and others, many people are forced to walk long distances, especially with the aggravation economic crises and lack of fuel in these countries.

Walking: How many steps are enough for you to prevent the risk of premature death?

published photo, LOUAI BESHARA

comment on the photo,

Many Syrians are forced to walk long distances due to lack of fuel and deepening economic crisis

“Today, people in Lebanon walk a lot, not for health reasons, but to save some money,” Lebanese citizen Theodore Abi Nasser said as he strolled down a crowded street of Beirut.

In Syria, the situation is not very different. According to Sia Daghmoush, who in turn is aware of the importance of walking for public health, “Syrians are forced to walk because of the lack of fuel, including gasoline and diesel for various means. transport, which is not normal in my opinion. ”

Far from being mandatory or optional, researchers agree that it will not diminish the benefits of walking.

“Walking on crowded streets, which can have high levels of air pollution, remains less risky than the health problems that a lack of walking and movement can cause,” says Dr Bird.

Technical development and the increased use of modern technology in many sectors have led to the creation of jobs that require sitting for long periods in front of screens, which increases the risk of physical and psychological illnesses, and the Modern man has adapted, in turn, to this technological development, after he was, in the old days. He is forced to spend most of his day moving around in search of food.

There is no doubt that modern technologies have resulted in a decrease in the physical exertion that people had to put in, but they have also enshrined the need for brain power and creative thinking, in most industries, and the good news is. that walking can stimulate creative thinking. and activate our brains to come up with ideas and solutions, so when it’s hard to hand over a paper or complete a task your boss has assigned you, take a walk.

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