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Indonesian Traveloka integrates tickets for Japanese trains on its platform for smooth travel

Indonesia-based travel tech unicorn Traveloka has teamed up with the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) to launch a Japan Trains feature. Traveloka is the first travel and lifestyle booking platform in Southeast Asia to partner directly with JR West for train passes in Japan in the Traveloka app, according to an official statement .

The new feature aims to provide Traveloka users with a seamless travel experience in Japan.

According to the National Tourism Organization of Japan, tourists from Southeast Asian countries have been increasing year by year. In May 2019 alone, Japan welcomed more than 317,000 tourists from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. This number also translates into a huge demand for JR West Rail Passes for these travelers.

The JR-West rail network covers 18 regions and includes both conventional trains and the high-speed Shinkansen train.

The partnership allows Traveloka users to get the most competitive price and a full selection of passes. After purchase, you will receive the “JR exchange order” by email which must be activated and redeemed with the actual JR Pass. You can choose to activate the voucher at airports or train stations that have Japan Rail exchange offices or have them delivered to your hotel in Japan. Traveloka also offers 100% refunds for canceled purchases.

The Japan Trains feature is currently only available in Indonesia, but will be rolled out to other countries in Southeast Asia in 2020, the statement said.

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