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japanese cars are brilliant. For several decades, they have been indispensable in the automotive world. Some of them have even been excellent driver’s cars. Japan has created an automotive culture that is globally respected and known. In fact, Japan has really taken the automotive world forward with the introduction of hybrid technology, driving technology, interior technology, etc.

Japan has always made brilliant driver cars that every gearbox should drive. Owning a Japanese car is special because most of them are much more interesting than people think.

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Unique technology

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Japanese cars feature some of the craziest tech the world has ever seen. Take the Lexus LS which was the first car to have a touchscreen satellite navigation system. Japan has always been at the cutting edge of technology, just take a look at its capital, Tokyo, to see what Japan is. Their cars have revolutionary features, some of which have completely changed the game.


Many Japanese cars pioneered the industry. Even the way Japan makes cars is on a whole new level, considering the precision and efficiency with which they do it. They really shame a lot of countries in the tech department.

Amazing designs

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For years, Japan has made some of the finest cars ever. Granted, they also made some of the most boring, ugliest, and weirdest cars out there, however, we don’t have to hide the fact that there are actually Japanese cars that look like works of art. An example would be the Toyota 2000GT, a car that is now worth $ 1 million.

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The most amazing Japanese cars ever made should be reason enough to convince most gearboxes that they need a Japanese car in their life. What makes it even better is that a lot of these beautiful Japanese cars are extremely practical as well.

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The Japanese automotive community is huge. There are thousands of clubs around the world dedicated to Japanese cars and the culture behind them. There are countless auto shows dedicated to Japanese cars, even movies have been devoted to showcasing Japanese cars, such as The fast and the furious; Tokyo drift.

JDM lined up at the market in the street

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The Japanese car seems to appreciate all the different cars and styles. From classics to the latest cars. Even obscure Japanese cars are loved around the world. The Japanese automotive community is one of the best around.

The modifications

the fast and furious Toyota Supra

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One of the best things about owning a Japanese car is that you can really express your personality through modifications. There are tons of awesome and downright weird Japanese car modification trends out there, and with the sheer number of aftermarket parts and tuners, there really is no limit to what can be done.

Subaru Impreza

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With a Japanese car, modifying becomes a lifestyle and new trends are constantly emerging.

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The engine of the Legnedary RB series

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There have been some absolutely legendary engines that came from Japan. Japanese engines have always been well built and in some cases bulletproof. Japan knows how to build an engine and they know how to extract high horsepower figures from a small engine. They can make an efficient engine fun.

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Some of the best engines ever to come from Japan are the Toyota 2JZ, Nissan RB26, Honda K20, Mitsubishi 4G63, Mazda Rotary Engines, and all Subaru Boxer Engines.


Toyota FJ Cruiser front 3/4 view


Japan has always been number one when it comes to reliability. It has always been said that if you want a reliable car, buy Japanese. This is why the Toyota Corolla is currently the best-selling car in the world, the second is the Toyota RAV4 and the third is the Honda CR-V. Three Japanese cars in the first places.

Toyota Previa front 3/4 view


The reason is that they are reliable. They start every morning, last for hundreds of thousands of miles, and their engines are easy to maintain and maintain. Japan has made so many reliable cars that some are even easily forgotten.

Legendary cars

Honda NSX parked in a field

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The Honda NSX, Nissan GT-R, Toyota Supra, and Subaru Impreza are just a few of the Japanese cars loved and respected around the world. Japan has made countless legendary cars and they continue to amaze the automotive world every year.

Mazda RX-7

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Those who discover some of the fastest Japanese cars ever made will be amazed at the number of big names.

The simplicity

Curlie Nicholls yellow 2001 Mazda MX5

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Japanese cars have always been very simple. In most cases, there is minimal excess and lint, buyers get what they need, and that’s it.

1989 Toyota Celica All-Trac third quarter front view

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Take for example the legendary MX-5, a car that shines with its simplicity. Simplicity is the key with this car and to make things even better, a simpler car means better reliability and cheaper maintenance.

Value for money

Nissan gtr

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Japan has always made cars that are excellent value for money. They’re cheaper than the competition, but in some cases they’re faster, more luxurious, bigger, and better built. When Japan started making cars to compete with Europeans and Americans, they were always looking for ways to get ahead of the competition while still selling the cheapest car.

Toyota gt86

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Take the R35 GTR for example, an incredible car that starts at $ 113,000. It reaches 60 times faster than most supercars and can exceed 200 mph. It can accommodate four people and is very comfortable. To achieve similar levels of performance and convenience, buyers will have to spend significantly more if they opt for a European brand.

They are funny

Onikyan Mod for Kei cars

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Japanese cars are fun. They are eccentric machines for all of their own reasons. There are the small Kei cars that everyone loves because of their weirdness, the Japanese sports cars that will embarrass supercars, the well-respected big luxury sedans and the off-road trucks which are some of the most reliable vehicles in the world. all the time.

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Most of these cars are fun. Japan knows how to make a fun car, even if it’s not fast. Sometimes it’s just simplicity and weirdness.

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